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Don't get distracted

So I’m at the gym, and I have my earbuds in listening to God’s word, and I’m getting tired, so I turn my head to the right to rest a little, and the cord of the earbuds r tucked in the top of my shirt! So when I turn my head to the right, the cable would not let me I needed to keep looking straight ahead of what is in front of me! It felt like that’s what God was saying keep your eyes on me don’t seem to the right or left always look to me!!! Don’t get distracted, don’t let bad or sad things or even good things get in the way of what I want u to go and be for me! Let’s put God first in everything big or to the smallest things in life! God will never steer us in the wrong direction! Follow Him and look straight to Him in Jesus name!--

Focus on the important stuff!!!!

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