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The Thief of the Busy Schedule

If you're like me, then life is busy, and it doesn't seem like it's going to slow down anytime soon. Our busy schedule is like a thief that steals our most important relationships. The sad thing about our schedule is that often it's full of good things. Items that we would say are doing good and making a positive change in our lives and other's lives, but there is a darker side to these busy schedules.

Our pace is killing us! I used to ride a road bicycle quit regularly, until a dump truck about took me out, and when you rode you had to set a pace that you could sustain are you would merely have to stop. I remember a friend told me one time was riding that you only had so many heartbeats in a ride and you had to control your heart rate to make sure you could finish the trip. This meant that at all times you were to monitor your heart rate and stay disciplined to stay within the beats that you had. Sometimes I wanted to push faster, but I knew that if I wanted to make it back, I had to PACE myself!

As I'm writing this on a Monday morning, I feel the pace of the week screaming out at me, saying "faster, you got to go faster." At the same time, I feel my spirit is telling me to go slower and focus on the things that have eternal value, like my devotion and prayer time. My busy schedule is saying sacrifice what matters so that you can get things done on your schedule.

Not, today! I choose to control my schedule!


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