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Follow The Leader

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

My daughter and I were coming out of a restaurant, and she was right behind me in her little world, “The Olivia World.” I made a turn at our car and all of a sudden I heard her panic, she hollered, “Mama!” When I made that turned she panicked because she couldn’t see me! How many times do we do that with God? We are looking to Him, putting God first, and walking the path He wants us to. Then all of a sudden we get distracted with something we want to do, or there is just something that keeps us from following the Lord of our life. Then one day we wake up and get out of,” Our Little World,” and we shout, “God where are you?” We will always panic if we are not following God’s path for us because our path is never the right way! We will ask ourselves “how did I get myself into this?” We May not like where God is taking us, but I promise He knows what is best for us, and He knows what we need to go through to get us where we need to be in Him and where we are the most effective to others for Him! Always remember God is the true, one and only leader we should follow!!!

With Love Elisabeth

Mathew 16:24

Then Jesus told His disciples,”if anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up the cross and follow me.”


Joshua Loudenslager
Joshua Loudenslager

This is so true. Great word... its funny how we start to realize all of the things we grow through independently, everyone else is growing through as well...its a God thing! #followerofchrist

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