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My Prayer

God, I need your authority and boldness in my life!!! I am not some wimpy, whiny, nagging Christian! I belong to you the Lord of Lords the King of Kings! You are my alpha and omega the beginning and the end! You have control over my life, and I can do anything and deal with anything that comes my way! I will not let fear or anxiety get in my way of doing the work you have called me to do!!! Your going to heal me and deliver me from anxiety and worry and fear and any attack from Satan himself in Jesus Christ name!!! I stand on your word and promises! I am a child of yours God I belong to you!!!! My family and I are yours! Our past, present, and future are yours, and I plead the blood of Jesus Christ over all of us, and I rebuke every evil and bad thing that comes against us and what you have called all of us to do for you, Lord!!! I can not let fear or anything else come over our family and limit what you have for us in Jesus name!!! Amen


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